The garden of lost and found / Harriet Evans.
Author: Evans, Harriet, 1974-
Publication year: 2019
Format: Book
Publisher: London : Review, 2019.
ISBN: 9781472261922 (hbk.) :
Nightingale House, 1919. Liddy Horner discovers her husband, the world-famous artist Sir Edward Horner, burning his best-known painting 'The Garden of Lost and Found' days before his sudden death. Nightingale House was the Horner family's beloved home - a gem of design created to inspire happiness - and it was here Ned painted The Garden of Lost and Found, capturing his children on a perfect day, playing in the rambling Eden he and Liddy made for them. When Ned and Liddy's great-granddaughter Juliet is sent the key to Nightingale House, she opens the door onto a forgotten world. The house holds its mysteries close but she is in search of answers. For who would choose to destroy what they love most? Whether Ned's masterpiece - or, in Juliet's case, her own children's happiness. Something shattered this corner of paradise. But what?
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Book:The garden of lost and found:2019.
Physical Description:
486 pages ; 24 cm


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