Murmur / Will Eaves.
Author: Eaves, Will, 1967-
Publication year: 2018
Format: Book
Publisher: London : CB Editions,
ISBN: 1909585262 9781909585263 (pbk.) :
'Murmur' is an original imagining of how the mathematician Alan Turing may have responded to the punishment imposed on him by the state - chemical castration - following his conviction for gross indecency. Alan Turing was more than just a member of the team that cracked the wartime Enigma code using a machine akin to an early computer, impressive though this achievement may be. He was a mathematician and theoretical biologist who pioneered ideas on artificial intelligence.
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Physical Description:
176 pages ; 20 cm


This is an experimental novel set after the second world war that imagines the internal thoughts of a character based on Nazi code breaker Alan Turing. The protagonist Alec experiences the same sequence of events culminating in his arrest and prosecution for engaging in a homosexual act which results in him being subjected to mandatory chemical castration. The book reflects upon the human capacity for cruelty and kindness, and the injustices perpetrated by the legal structures designed to protect us. The middle section is a series of dreams and letters and the most experimental in style so be prepared to go with it and let the narrative carry you along! I found the experimental style a clever way of exploring the damaging effects of the chemical castration upon Alec/Alan’s mind and body and left me feeling so sorry for how he was treated by a country he served and protected. An emotional read!
Carly Robinson
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