Playing to the gallery : helping contemporary art in its struggle to be understood / Grayson Perry.
Author: Perry, Grayson, 1960-
Publication year: 2014
Format: Book
Publisher: London : Particular Books, 2014.
ISBN: 9781846148576 (hbk.) :
How does the stuff we see in art galleries or the middle of roundabouts come to be made and valued? Drawing on his life as an artist, Grayson Perry sets off to explore the boundaries and tensions at the heart of modern art, with many visual aids along the way. From the slippery subject of quality to the problem of rebelling in a world that thrives on rebellion to the tricky question of what can or can't be a work of art, 'Playing to the Gallery' hopes to give everyone the essential tools with which to understand and appreciate art.
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Physical Description:
134 pages : illustrations (colour) ; 23 cm


Based on his 2013 Reith lectures, this is an entertaining conversational look at “what art is” and tries to demystify the often “elitist” world of modern art and those involved in it drawing from his own experience. Asking the questions that often scare people, he reassuringly allows the reader to feel more confident about art and offers some gentle guidance and rules that might help allow other ways of seeing, which do not have to be “right” or “wrong”. Ultimately, his conclusion is that there is no right answer to what is “good or worthwhile art” but what matters is the individual response to it, much like classic literature or poetry, which can be equally intimidating for people. An accessible, engaging read.
West Sussex
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