Frequently Asked Questions

You can register online on this page: Join The Library.

Once you have registered, you can reserve titles on this website.

Visit your nearest library to get your card. Once you have your card, you can borrow books or other material in our libraries.

Click on sign in in the top menu, there is an option in the form that says "Forgot PIN". Click that option and follow the instructions to get a new pin.

  1. First, Sign in to see your account.
  2. On your account pages, you can see your loans.
  3. You can renew a loan by clicking the button "Renew".
  4. You can also renew all loans by clicking "Renew all". When clicking "Renew all", all loans that can be renewed will be renewed, and you will see which ones that could not be renewed.

You can search for all types of books in our catalogue. If you specifically want to have an e-book, you can limit your search to only include e-books.

To borrow e-books, you need to have a library card.

When you have found an e-book, click "Borrow" and follow the instructions from there.

You can make a reservation request (£2.50 for a non-in-stock item) or a recommendation for something you would like to see in our libraries’ collection by using our not in stock request form

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