White working class / by Joan C. Williams.
Автор: Williams, Joan, 1952-
Год издания: 2017
Вид материала: Книга
Издательство: Boston Massachusetts : Harvard Business Review Press,
ISBN: 9781633693784
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Why talk about class? -- Who is the working class? -- Why does the working class resent the poor? -- Why does the working class resent professionals but admire the rich? -- Why doesn't the working class just move to where the jobs are? -- Why doesn't the working class get with it and go to college? -- Why don't they push their kids harder to succeed? -- How racist is the working class? -- How sexist is the working class? -- Don't they understand that manufacturing jobs aren't coming back? -- Why don't working-class men just take "pink-collar" jobs? -- Why don't the people who benefit most from government help seem to appreciate it? -- Can we embrace the white working class without abandoning our values and our allies? -- How the class culture gap drives politics.
Around the world, populist movements are gaining traction among the white working class. Meanwhile, the professional elite--journalists, managers, and establishment politicians--is on the outside looking in, and left to argue over the reasons why. In White Working Class, Joan C. Williams, described as "something approaching rock star status" in her field by the New York Times, explains why so much of the elite's analysis of the white working class is misguided, rooted in assumptions by what she has controversially coined "class cluelessness." Williams explains how most analysts, and the corresponding media coverage, have conflated "working class" with "poor." All too often, white working class motivations have been dismissed as simply racism or xenophobia. Williams explains how the term "working class" has been misapplied--it is, in fact, the elusive, purportedly disappearing middle class. This demographic often resents both the poor and the professionals. They don't, however, tend t
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