Book:Lint : The Incredible Career of Cult Author Jeff Lint / Steve Aylett.:2007 Book Lint : The Incredible Career of Cult Author Jeff Lint / Steve Aylett.
Lint : The Incredible Career of Cult Author Jeff Lint / Steve Aylett.
Author: Aylett, Steve,
Publication year: 2007
Format: Book
Publisher: Snowbooks Ltd
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 1909679836 9781909679832 :
1. The Burst Sofa of Pulp2. Weird TalesOpening joke Santa Fe hit by a planet Astounding Mars attacks `Wall Swordfish Still Alive' light on the surface crappy story3. The Incredible Fender`The Silver Radio' And Your Point Is? Rouch and Herzog food for the moon bending words the wrong way4. Angel or Sardine-Lint and the BeatsHiding in Columbia Campbell Kerouac Benzedrine trying too hard appearances Gramajo spinal pheasants first shot out of the box typography cracked the voices of silence Roswell5. `Monstrous Poet Alarms Shoppers'The joker covers and headlines escape artist The Day Maggots Sing smashing the world this bad reputation `Rosebud Investment'6. `I Can Take Anything': The Pulp LifeHigh pulp Perry Street Baffling Belly Stories a crystalline associate Alvarez toasting the Bread of Shame release the tigers7. Jelly ResultRain upon travelers Eterani Valac infects his punishment and backs it up into the community the coining of Fanny Barberra shallow
'Can only enhance Aylett's steadily growing reputation as one of the most original voices in contemporary science fiction.' - Fortean Times "There was also a problem with the first edition of Rigor Mortis. The biographical notes on the back cover- with the by now inevitable photo of Lint kissing a tortoise- stated that Lint had died in 1972. The media, poised to praise him after his death, sprang in with lamentations that he had been tragically neglected by commercial enterprise and that it was baffling that his artistic genius had not been more appreciated. Their bitter embarrassment upon learning that he was still alive and open to their patronage drove a bigger wedge than ever between the media and Lint- they had no recourse but to pretend he did not exist at all. `So in terms of money, publicity and ease of progress,' Lint observed, `all remains the same.'"Jeff Lint was author of some of the strangest and most inventive satirical SF of the twentieth century.He transcended genre
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