Hardback:Let's make great projects.:2018 Hardback Let's make great projects.
Let's make great projects.
Publication year: 2018
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Limited
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9780241316191 (hbk.) :
Includes index.
1: SPACE1: The Solar System2: Button planets3: Marshmallow constellations4: Alien invasion5: Space travel6: Straw rockets7: Space patches8: Bottle jetpack9: Space helmet2: NATURE1: The seasons2: Season tree3: Nature mask4: Weather5: Smiling sundial6: Measure the rain7: Wind chimes3: HISTORY1: Ancient Egypt2: Papyrus scroll3: Pyramid money box4: Egyptian sarcophagus5: The Roman Empire6: Roman shield7: Cookie coins8: Lion mosaic4: ANIMALS1: The animal kingdom2: Stone creatures3: Bird feeder4: Making tracks5: Cardboard giraffe6: Shark attack!5: SCIENCE1: Super science2: Grass haircuts3: Brilliant bubbles4: Liquid layers5: Fizzing balloon6: Templates7: Index
Includes 25 ideas to inspire creative play and help with school projects, with four sections on Space, History, Animals and the Natural World. Ages: 6+ This exciting children's book of things to make and do is full of arts and crafts and facts about school subjects. Covering everything from the Solar System to Ancient Egypt, you'll never be stuck for an activity, craft, or project idea again.With clear step-by-step instructions and photos, children will learn about a subject interactively. There are more than 25 great STEM projects on offer - from creating an astronaut's outfit or making a sundial, to taking a trip back in time to see how the mighty Roman legionaries conquered their enemies. And that's just for starters - on top of nature and history, the book also covers wildlife, science, and space - so animal lovers and wannabe astronauts will be delighted by what's on offer.Children will love the variety of educational activities, experiments, and facts, and parents will love ho
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79 pages : illustrations (colour) ; 26 cm

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