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New 11+ GL English Study Book (with Parents' Guide & Online Edition) |b Ideal for ages 10-11, this book has everything children and parents need to know about 11+ English in the clearest, most accessible style you'll find. It's presented in full colour throughout, with a spacious layout and easy-to-read explanations that take the mystery out of the test. For each topic there are crystal-clear study notes, step-by-step methods for answering questions accurately and regular round-up questions (with answers) to check progress. A Benchmark Test is also included to help identify the level that children are working at. Finally, there's a detailed pull-out Parents' Guide packed with advice for making the whole 11+ experience as smooth, stress-free and successful as possible. This book is ideal for the 11+ tests set by GL Assessment and other test providers, and provides excellent practice for the Kent Test. What's more, a free Online Edition of the whole book is included - just use the uniq
CGP 11+ GL
116 pages 315x210


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