Don't let my past be your future / Harry Leslie Smith.
Smith, Harry Leslie, 1923-2018,
Constable, 2018.
9781472123473 9781472123473 (pbk.) :
Originally published: 2017.
Harry Leslie Smith is a British stalwart; he is a survivor of the Great Depression, a World War Two RAF veteran and now, aged 92, he is a social activist for the poor and preservation of social democracy. Following the overwhelming success of Harry's Last Stand, his new memoir, 'Don't Let My Past Be Your Future', is a survival guide for today's generations who need hope from someone who has seen Britain face both the Great Depression and the Second World War. It is a manifesto for the left to rebuild itself with integrity after its shattering defeat in the 2015 General Election. However, 'Don't Let My Past Be Your Future' also has a much wider and more enduring appeal - at its heart is a homage to the boundless grace and resilience of the human spirit to overcome poverty, war, oppression, economic and social justice and build a more perfect society.
228 pages ; 20 cm

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