Remote Enquiries

Remote Enquiries

If you are unable to visit in person you can write by email to, or by post to Lambeth Archives 52 Knatchbull Rd, London SE5 9QY, UK or phone 0207 926 6076. We can then suggest sources and a search strategy that will help answer your query. 

Where we know that the information can be found easily we will provide a full answer. 

If your query needs further research there are a number of possibilities:

We can undertake research for you and for this we charge £35 per hour.  We will discuss with you the sources we will look in and how long we will spend doing this.

We can provide copies form specified sources in the collection for this we charge £5 for the first page from any source and £1 for each subsequent one.

For the two above services please contact us for further details.

You could use the services of a professional researcher – the Association of Record Agents is the professional body that does such work